Educational Events at Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic

Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic is committed to education and research and offers a regular free up-to-date medical educational programme to health professionals, highlighting key aspects of musculoskeletal care and sports related problems.

The sessions will provide the opportunity to access the knowledge and experience of our consultants as well as invited expert speakers from the fields of sports medicine and physiotherapy.

Next Event:


Remote Meeting for GPs & Therapists in Primary Care

Sunday 21st March
Start 16:00 End 18:30


Remote Clinical Assessment:
Reducing risk to you and
your patients

  • Diagnostic safety netting: What not to miss?
  • Are the referral thresholds different?
  • Who needs Face-to- face? Who needs Follow up
  • MSK in Lockdowns: home working, exercise and posture
  • Injection demonstration

Hands on and Hands off clinical examinations

• Back & Neck Pain
• Shoulder Pain (injection)
• Elbow Pain
• Hand & Wrist
• Hip/ Groin
• Knee (injection)
• Foot & Ankle
• Chronic pain


Mr Paul Trikha, Mr Dean Michael, Mr David Elliott, Mr Ioannis Polyzois, Ms Tanaya Sarkhel, Mr Michael O’Reilly, Mr Sri Chatakondu, Mr Ali Narvani & Ms Fiona Middleton