Mr. Evangelos Tsialogiannis

Mr. Evangelos Tsialogiannis currently serves as an orthopaedic consultant at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals (ASPH) in Surrey, UK. With over 15 years of distinguished service in the Greek Army, he held the rank of Major, showcasing exceptional dedication and self-discipline—qualities further honed during his military training.

Mr. Tsialogiannis

A uniquely qualified surgeon, Mr. Tsialogiannis holds officially recognized postgraduate fellowships from renowned centers of excellence worldwide. His expertise lies in lower limb reconstruction and knee sports injuries, areas in which he has earned accolades for his technical skills.

One pivotal year of his career was spent at the prestigious Sunnybrook Science Centre in Toronto, the largest arthroplasty venue in Canada. Under the mentorship of globally esteemed experts—Dr. Hugh Cameron, Dr. John Cameron, and Dr. Jeff Gollish—he actively contributed to primary, complex, and revision hip and knee replacements. His research focused on pioneering FAST TRACK techniques in adult reconstruction, day case hip replacements, and specific intraoperative pain protocols, all aimed at enhancing postoperative patient outcomes.

Mr. Tsialogiannis is distinguished for his subspecialty focus on minimal invasive hip replacement techniques. He offers patients the Posterior Spaire Approach and the Anterior Hip replacement, also known as AMIS—cutting-edge techniques that ensure advanced and patient-centric care. With SPAIRE and AMIS, patients experience faster recovery, less pain, and a quicker return to normal daily and athletic activities.

Educated at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Medical School in Greece, Mr. Tsialogiannis graduated from the Hellenic Military Academy of Combat Support Officers in 2002. His commitment to excellence extended to an 8-year tenure as a military consultant in the 401 General Army Hospital, a Level I trauma center specializing in complex trauma and gunshot injuries. His technical skills were recognized, leading to awards such as the Military Merit Medal.

Knighted into the Order of the Phoenix with the Golden Cross, Mr. Tsialogiannis received the United Nations Medal Award in 2004 for his service in the UN’s peacekeeping mission under NATO command in Yugoslavia.

In addition to his distinguished medical career, Mr. Tsialogiannis, a fervent athlete, is a former triathlete and open-sea marathon swimmer, embodying the same commitment and resilience in both his professional and personal pursuits.


Did a great job on ACL reconstruction. Was feeling back to normal after a few months!

Evangelos Tsialogiannis carried out my total knee replacement 6 weeks ago and i also had appointments to see him before the opperation. he is a very impressive caring man and the opperation so far has been a complete success. i am very grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone

I was referred to this doctor for a Knee problem. He quickly identified that a knee replacement was required. Initially he provided me with with painkilling injections to relieve the pain, over a period of time. The surgery was a success, and after 6 weeks, I am pain free with 75% mobility, and am having ongoing physio. I found Mr Tsialogiannis to be very professional, and understanding. He took great care in explaining the surgical procedure, and the post op treatment required. Throughout the whole process, from beginning to the end, I had complete trust in him.

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