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Mr. Ioannis Polyzois

Mr Ioannis Polyzois is a consultant trauma & orthopaedic surgeon, specialising exclusively in shoulder and elbow surgery and upper limb fractures.

His specialist interests include the latest reconstructive surgery for shoulder and elbow injuries, arthroscopic shoulder and elbow surgery, rotator cuff repair, shoulder stabilisation, shoulder and elbow fractures, trauma and upper limb joint replacement.

I qualified from Liverpool University Medical School and completed my postgraduate trauma and orthopaedic training in Leeds, Athens and London working in major trauma and elective centres including Leeds General Infirmary and University College London Hospital.

I completed dual specialist fellowship training in shoulder and upper limb surgery at the Rowley Bristow Unit in Chertsey and at the internationally renowned Reading Shoulder Unit centre of excellence.

I was awarded the gold medal in the Athens Orthopaedic exit exam diploma and also holds the European Fellowship board diploma (FEBOT).

Current appointments:

  • Consultant Specialist Upper Limb Surgeon at Ashford and St. Peter’s NHS Trust
  • Consultant Specialist Upper Limb Surgeon at Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic
  • Consultant Specialist Upper Limb Surgeon at Schoen Clinic, London


Recently Mr Polyzois performed a hand operation on myself( Oct 2020).I feel that the treatment I received was exceptional,his manner is very calm,he is approachable,a good listener.he is very professional in interacting with his patients and his staff.the whole experience was exemplary.i would recommend Mr Polyzois without reservation

The operation was a great success and the follow up with the physio gave me full movement of the shoulder. I had an arthroscopic capsular release of the shoulder under the care of Mr. Polyzois and am recovering really well! Thank you

I had Shoulder surgery in july and had a pre existing frozen shoulder. I am already seeing a big improvement in movement and would definateley recomend him.

I had shoulder surgery 7 weeks ago with Mr Polyzois. I now have full movement back in the shoulder and I am planning to go back to the gym at the end of October. I did all of my own physio and according to Mr Polyzois I am much further ahead than average at this stage in the recovery. The whole process was quick and seamless and I would highly recommend Mr Polyzois.

Mr Polyzois did an ACJ reconstruction of my right shoulder i had a grade 5 ACJ dislocation. Everything went well with the surgery and the recovery and i have regained full ROM and have started strengthening, operation took place six and a half weeks ago. I am happy to recommend him.

Patient Videos

Zee, actress and singer

Consultant: Ioannis Polyzois
Treatment: Total shoulder replacement

Dariusz, keen volleyball player

Consultant: Ioannis Polyzois
Treatment: Arthroscopic stabilisation labral repair and SLAP repair

Tina, severe shoulder injury

Consultant: Ioannis Polyzois
Treatment: Arthroscopic SLAP repair, shoulder stabilisation and labral repair

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